Friday, February 06, 2015

Subliminal Advertising

No other film series manages to make product placement so damn cool. If you want to be as sophisticated as James Bond, you need all the stuff which comes with it. Sadly most of us can’t afford the tailored suits, expensive gadgetry, sport-cars not to mention the call girls!.

But while blatant advertising has always been a staple of the series from the very early days, in Casino Royale it felt particularly irksome, thanks to a realistic tone making it a far more emotionally engaging Bond flick.

There’s so much to choose from here, from Sony laptops to mobile phones and Blu-ray disks. Even insignificant sequences of Bond driving are filmed identically to car adverts – all that‘s missing is Daniel Craig telling audiences to test-drive it today from their nearest dealer.

There’s one moment however which has become a legendary example of product placement at its worst . As Bond (Daniel Craig) and Vesper (Eva Green) discuss 007′s firm arse, she inquires about his watch.

“Rolex” ? To which Bond suavely replies “Omega”.

What’s wrong with a Casio ? Come on James…There’s a recession on !